Summer is setting in and so have home improvement projects. With people spending more time at home, projects that have been put off have been bumped to the top of the list. Whether you are just looking to upgrade your home’s look, getting ready to sell, or putting together a wish list for your future home, we’ve rounded up the top exterior paint color trends for 2020.

Dark Blue

In past years, light blue exterior colors have been popular. But there’s been growing popularity for bolder, darker blues. A dark blue paint adds a pop of color while remaining relatively neutral. 

  • Consider: Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore; Prestige Misty Night; Sherwin Williams Naval

Charcoal Grey

Lighter grey paint colors work well on interior walls, but darker greys have become a popular paint color choice for the exterior. Grey offers a statement of sophistication and style, and while it is a little bit more formal than some colors, it can definitely increase the curb appeal and overall value of your home

  • Consider: Black Jack or Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore; Prestige Shaker Grey


Black exterior paint has been growing in popularity, especially in modern home design. This color offers a sleek, versatile look that can look fresh and not “dark” unless that is the intention. If painting your home black seems too bold, black trim is a more subtle way to add some style. 

  • Consider: Onyx by Benjamin Moore

Olive Green

Once a popular interior home color, olive green is making a comeback on the outside of homes. When paired with black or darker-colored trims and accents, it gives the home a natural-looking appearance. This can work especially well when the home is surrounded by trees and vegetation. 

  • Consider: Valspar Sparkling Sage; Behr Back to Nature; PPG Paints Olive Green

Forest Green

Darker than olive green, forest green is becoming another popular bold color choice for your home’s exterior. Depending on the shade and trim color choices, forest green can add a level of sophistication to natural elements of your property.

  • Consider: Valspar Secluded Garden


Brown paint colors that are closer to the taupe and tan family have been a classic, versatile choice for years. But many are skipping over those and going straight to bolder browns. Brown is a warm and inviting color, which makes it perfect for a home’s exterior. 

  • Consider: Glidden Cinnamon Spice

Neutral Base with Bright Trim

One of the most popular exterior color trends revolves around a neutral color for the base of a home, with bright trim accents. You will find many homes going for a medium grey or dark grey paint color with light grey or white trim. This look is very on trend for 2020 and can bring your home up to date. 

How to Choose the Right Color

Picking a paint color for your home can seem daunting and overwhelming. But it can also be fun and exciting. A good place to start is getting a visual. Many websites offer online paint sampling. You simply upload a photo of your home and then get to test out colors. Of course, once you have a few colors selected, you will need to test them out in person on your home since how things look online can be different from reality. If you are looking to sell your home, choosing a neutral paint color that is on trend can help with the resale value of your home. If you are struggling, you can always consult painting experts who can help you narrow down a color.