The sun is setting on summer. Kids are back to school and Husker football is on hiatus. With all that extra time on your hands, we put together a list of fall home maintenance tips to ensure your house stays in tip-top shape.

  1. Clean your gutters

Your gutters divert thousands of gallons of water away from your roof and home every year. It’s easy to overlook their upkeep. But take some time to clean them of debris and possibly replace them if needed before the winter weather sets in. You could be saving your home thousands of dollars worth of water damage.

  1. Bring in outdoor furniture

That patio set sure is nice to relax in and sip a beverage in the summer evenings. To keep it in good shape, make sure to bring in any outdoor furniture to store throughout the winter months when it’s not in use.

  1. Fix driveway cracks

This isn’t for aesthetic reasons. If water gets into cracks in your driveway and then freezes and expands, it can create bigger cracks and eventually cause your concrete to crumble or lead to foundation issues. You can easily pick up a tub of concrete crack filler or call in professionals for big jobs. 

  1. Drain outdoor faucets

If you aren’t a fan of frozen and burst pipes, then you better unhook hoses and drain outdoor faucets before the first freeze. 

  1. Fertilize your lawn

Are you or your lawn a little crazy about a sharp lawn? Then prep it for the winter by applying fertilizer in the fall. This will help protect the grass from winter damage and help it turn a brilliant green faster come spring.

  1. Change your filters

Did you know you can vacuum your furnace filters? These should be changed monthly to help regulate the temperature of your home. If your filters get clogged, it makes it harder and more costly to heat your home properly. You can vacuum disposable filters once before they need to be replaced. 

  1. Test your winter equipment

Rely on a snowblower to bail you out during harsh winters? Better make sure it is up and running before the first snowfall and you get stuck inside. Also get your furnace checked to make sure it isn’t in need of maintenance. And while you’re at it, check all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and change the batteries.