Harrison Park – Millard, NE

As a local Omaha business, we wanted to take a moment and highlight some popular Omaha neighborhoods and what is to love about them. There is no order to this list and there are many more neighborhoods that didn’t make it into this article, but let’s take a look at some of our favorites!


Now a pocket within North Omaha, Benson Place was originally platted in 1887 and was annexed into the City of Omaha in 1917. Fun fact: actor Nick Nolte lived in the Benson neighborhood on North 56th Street before his family moved to the Westside district.

Benson has several historic buildings, including Benson High School. Over the past several years, there’s been a redevelopment of the Benson neighborhood, making it a hot nightlife spot with bars and restaurants. But the Benson neighborhood has stayed true to its roots as a down-to-earth, working-class family neighborhood. 


The Dundee–Happy Hollow Historic District is located west of Midtown Omaha. It covers the area between Harney Street on the south, Hamilton Street on the north, Happy Hollow Boulevard on the west, and 46th Street on the east. The “heart” of Dundee is located at 50th and Underwood Avenue. Dundee is home to the “Oracle of Omaha,” Warren Buffett and nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist Jeff Koterba, and was the hometown of filmmaker Alexander Payne.

Dundee is also home to many local shops and restaurants, making it a popular evening destination. It is also home to Memorial Park which hosts an annual concert series on the last Friday in June and ends with a firework show to commemorate Independence Day.


This historical neighborhood sits at the north end of Omaha and was originally one of Nebraska’s oldest cities, incorporated into the legislature in 1857. Given it’s history, Florence is home to many historical landmarks, including the Bank of Florence and the Florence Mill. In 1917, the Fort Omaha Balloon School was established as the first such military school in America. Needless to say, Florence is packed with a lot of history.


Another former town swallowed up by Omaha, it’s now a southwest neighborhood. Millard is a popular suburban neighborhood that draws in families mostly for the highly attributed school system, Millard Public Schools. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, and parks in the area, and it’s close proximity to Interstate 80 makes it an easy commute to other parts of the city.

Boys Town

Another village turned suburb of Omaha, Boys Town is named for being the headquarters of the Boys Town organization. Founded by Father Edward J. Flanagan, it is dedicated to the care, treatment, and education of at-risk children. The Boys Town neighborhood is currently undergoing construction of a 1.2 billion dollar development including dining and shops and residential buildings. 

South Omaha

The area that would become South Omaha was rural until the early 1880s, when cattle baron Alexander Hamilton Swan decided to establish a stockyards operation just south of Omaha. The South Omaha plat was registered on July 18, 1884. Two years later, South Omaha was incorporated as a city. By 1890, the city had grown to 8,000 people, a rate of growth that earned it the nickname of “The Magic City.”

South Omaha was, and continues to be, culturally diverse. Many residents are descended from the Czech, Irish, Italian, Latino, Lithuanian, and Polish immigrants who made up the original workforce in the meatpacking industry. In recent years, South Omaha has seen an influx of new immigrants representing Hispanic and Sudanese populations. Because of this diversity, South Omaha is home to many different types of authentic cuisines, and home to an Omaha staple, Jacobo’s

Recently, we’ve moved out to West Omaha! We are excited to have a space within the kwELITE office in the Advent Building at 178th and Burke.